Residential Villa B+G+1-Lusail City HABOO-DEV October 22, 2023
Construction of Residential Villa

B+G+1-Lusail City

The project description
Scope of Works
Skeleton Works
Project Duration
12 months
May 2020
Year of Completion
June 2021
Lusail City, Doha- Qatar
Construction of Residential Villa
B+G+1-Lusail City
Scope of Works:

The project involves the precise execution of “Skeleton Works,” which includes laying the foundational framework for the B+G+1 structure. This critical phase sets the stage for the subsequent construction stages, establishing the strong structure and skeletal integrity that will ultimately define the architectural masterpiece.

The “Skeleton Works” are fundamental in preparing the foundation for a future building that seamlessly aligns with the architectural vision for Lusail City. This project contributes to the city’s development and exemplifies exceptional construction standards. It reflects Light Trading & Contracting Co.’s commitment to delivering excellence in construction and contributing to the thriving urban landscape of Lusail City, Qatar.

Project Overview:

The “Construction of B+G+1 Skeleton Works” project in Lusail City is a symbol of innovation and expertise, led by Light Trading & Contracting Co. This project is aimed at improving the urban landscape and represents a 12-month journey that began in May 2020, concluding in June 2021. Located in the vibrant city of Lusail, Doha, Qatar, the project encompasses a significant built-up area of 1400 square meters.